Unable to update VMware vCenter 5.5

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I was faced with a very weird problem. I have many customers using VMware infrastructure technology and one of mine want to update for security reason his old one based on center 5.5U3b. They think the only thing to do is to update to U3f… easy freezy!

Not really in my case. Like everyone in my case I connected to the GUI through https://myvcenterurl:5480 and tried to update from there directly from the internet. I received an error after a few minutes. I get : “unable to update” !!! What!? Why?!

I went to the update’s logs :


My first thing was to find any error :

I found nothing of nothing … I was really disappointed. After few minutes I saw a lot of packet conflict with RPM’s system :


So to fix this problem I used my rocket launcher ! I downloaded the ISO of vcenter 5.5U3f and mounted to my vcenter virtual machine. Once I mounted this ISO :

From there I go to the directory /update and sent the following :

Once I launched this command every RPM was updated but not the conflict one. I removed one by one the wrong package using :

To removed open-vmtools I used the following link : https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1013096?language=en_US

I must do this command more than once to find every conflicting package.

Finally, I restarted from the web UI the vcenter’s update … this time everything go like a charm. My vCenter was up to date … after 4 hours !

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