Re-assign disk from foreign NetApp controller

Hi everyone,

I was recently faced with a very dumb problem… but I lost some minutes to understand how to. When you go NetApp support site you find some documentation. Sometimes this is difficult to find a guideline.

My problem was the following : my customer has some NetApp disk bay and shelf. He renews some of them and contact us to integrate the new controller and do some data migration. Our plan was to re-use all old disks from the old disk shelf and convert the actual disk bay with controller to a disk shelf.

So we start our project, but once we have to convert or attach the old disks we are in difficulty.

When we use the command :

 disk show

we show all disks like expected, but the owner was still the old controller. We continue using the following to see physical disk :

system node run -node yournode -command disk show -a
system node run -node yournode -command disk show -n

Once we have identified all disks we started by remove ownership (must be in advanced privilege) :

system node run -node yournode -command disk assign 0b.01.12P1 -s unowned -f

We checked with the two previously command to validate our work.

Now everything seems to be OK, but if you check your disk you will see, depending the first name) aggr0(1). The relevant aggregate will have the label foreign than your aggr0.

system node run -node * -command sysconfig -r

then (still in advanced privilege) :

storage aggregate remove-stale-record -nodename [node_name] -aggregate [foreign aggregate name]

Finally, check the zeroing and you will able to recreate a new aggregate soonly !

disk show -fields zeroing-percent

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