Lync / Skype for Business – MSPL Development tool

As I started developping Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) scripts, I tryed to find the best tool to read any program easily. As I post this tread, there is nothing else than notepad.

Instead of working with notepad, where tricky scripts could be hard to read, I decided to use Notepad++ and make my own dev syntax xml, folowing the MSPL documentation.

Example script with notepad :

MSPL Syntax Notepad


MSPL Syntax Color


You can download it here :

Version 1.0 – npp MSPL

How to install

  1. Install Notepad++ and open it.
  2. Download the XML File with the syntax colors
  3. Go to Language>Define your language…
  4. Click Import and select the xml file
  5. On User Define Language List, you can now see MSPL
  6. Restart Notepad++
  7. Go to Language > MSPL
  8. You are now on an nice development interface for MSPL scripts!