Author: Karl Bustamante

Lync / Skype for Business – MSPL Development tool

As I started developping Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) scripts, I tryed to find the best tool to read any program easily. As I post this tread, there is nothing else than notepad. Instead of working with notepad, where tricky scripts could be hard to read, I decided to use Notepad++ and make my own dev syntax xml, folowing the MSPL documentation. Example script with notepad : Rendering   You can download it here : Version 1.0 – npp MSPL How to install Install Notepad++ and open it. Download the XML File with the syntax colors Go to Language>Define your language…...

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Lync/Skype for Business – Remove old reporting configuration URL

When you work with Lync or Skype for Business reporting URL, you may have some old urls, you need to delete. This is how you can delete all old URLs for reporting server, who are not working anymore. Get-CsReportingConfiguration 1 Get-CsReportingConfiguration Identity : Service:1-MonitoringStore-8 ReportingUrl : Reports+Home+Page Identity : ReportingUrl : Remove-CsReportingConfiguration -Identity Service:1-MonitoringStore-8 Get-CsReportingConfiguration 12 Remove-CsReportingConfiguration -Identity Service:1-MonitoringStore-8Get-CsReportingConfiguration Identity : ReportingUrl : New...

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