Month: March 2016

Lync/Skype for Business – Remove old reporting configuration URL

When you work with Lync or Skype for Business reporting URL, you may have some old urls, you need to delete. This is how you can delete all old URLs for reporting server, who are not working anymore. Get-CsReportingConfiguration 1 Get-CsReportingConfiguration Identity : Service:1-MonitoringStore-8 ReportingUrl : Reports+Home+Page Identity : ReportingUrl : Remove-CsReportingConfiguration -Identity Service:1-MonitoringStore-8 Get-CsReportingConfiguration 12 Remove-CsReportingConfiguration -Identity Service:1-MonitoringStore-8Get-CsReportingConfiguration Identity : ReportingUrl : New...

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Certificate authentication with AAA vserver

The implementation of Netscaler can sometimes be a bit technical. If you add strong authentification needs with double factor, then you have a nice challenge! You need to ask yourself the good questions first to deploy a strong authentification solution by certificate via Netscaler in order to avoid loosing time and getting the necessary details at the right time: Internal Root & Intermediate certification must be install on the Netscaler Do not forget to link them together (Root & Intermediate) Which username does the user use to log in? (e.g. : UserPrincipalName, samAccountName) Is this username present on the...

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Kerberos Authentification with KCD

I will tried to give some key points that you must to accomplish to configure your Netscaler to provide KCS authentication. “Kerberos Constraint Delegation” authenticate your user using a service account to deliver TGT (Ticket-Granting Ticket). This TGT will be use for the SSO and to authenticate the user into the backend server (e.g. :  a web server).   Prepare Netscaler and Service Account To start this configuration you need to achieve some prerequisites before : NTP server must be set to synchronise time from the PDC DNS resolution must be implement LDAP authentication must be also setup on...

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